Digital nomad visa

What is a digital nomad visa?

Digital nomad visa allows remote workers to live in Estonia for up to 1 year and legally work for their employer or their own company registered abroad. You can apply for an Estonian long-stay visa (D-visa) or a short-stay visa to Estonia (C-visa), depending on the planned period of stay.

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply for the digital nomad visa if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are able to work independent of location
  • You can perform your work duties remotely using telecommunications technology
  • You either have an active employment contract with a company registered outside of Estonia, conduct business through your own company registered abroad, or work as a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia.
  • You can provide evidence that your income met the minimum threshold during the six months preceding the application. Currently, the monthly income threshold is €4500 (gross of tax).

How to apply for a digital nomad visa?

  • Review the eligibility requirements.
  • Applications should be submitted at the VFS Global Visa Application Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Canberra. For the information about VFS Visa Centre locations and description of the application process please refer to the VFS Global Homepage.
  • The state fee is 80€ for a Type C (short stay) visa and 100€ Type D (long stay) visa.
  • Applications are reviewed within 30 days

What documents are required to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa?

Depending on the length of the visa you are applying for, you should present all the documents necessary for a short-stay C-visa application or a long-stay D-visa application.

Additionally, you should present the following supporting documents:

  1. documents proving that your job does not depend on location and that you can use telecommunications technology in order to perform work duties from a distance;
  2. documents proving that you will continue working for an employer who is registered outside of Estonia and with whom you have a work contract OR you will continue business operations for a company who is registered outside of Estonia and in which you hold shares OR you will continue to offer services mainly to clients who operate outside of Estonia and with whom you have a contract;
  3. documents proving your legal income six months prior to the application that show the amount, regularity and source of the income;
  4. a current resume.

Documents that prove the validity of subsections 1 and 2 include:

  • a cover letter explaining the reasons and purpose of applying for a digital nomad visa;
  • a written confirmation from the employer that you are able to perform work duties from a distance;
  • a work contract or a document proving work relations;
  • a certificate from a relevant public authority proving that you have paid the compulsory state and local taxes of your country of residence;
  • a certificate from a relevant public authority in the country that your company is registered in showing the name, the location and the business field of the company as well as your shares in the company and details about the legal representatives of the company;
  • other documents.