Estonian passports and ID cards

Information for renewing Estonian passport and ID-card

You can renew passport online or by post if less than 5 years and 11 months have passed since the last fingerprints capture. If the fingerprints have expired, it is necessary to come to the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Canberra for a new fingerprint scan. ID card can always be renewed via post since it does not require fingerprints. In addition, a passport for children under age 12 can be applied by post.

NB! New documents will arrive to the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Canberra 6-8 weeks after the application has reached the Police and Border Guard Board in Estonia. Applying for a passport under expedited procedure is only possible in Estonia.

There are 3 ways how to renew passport and ID-card:

1. Using the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board self-service portal

You need a functioning ID-card, PIN codes and ID-card reader. Alternatively you can use Smart-ID.

2. By post

If you cannot use the self-service portal, however your fingerprints have not expired, you can renew documents via post.

Fill out an application form (in English)

FAQ Filling out the form

State fees:

  • Passport 60 EUR
  • ID-card 45 EUR
  • Passport + ID-card 70 EUR

State fees (under 15 years of age, who have reached retirement age in Estonia, persons with moderate, serious or severe disabilities)

  • Passport 40 EUR
  • ID-card 30 EUR
  • Passport + ID-card 45 EUR

State fee payment:

  • Recipient: Rahandusministeerium (Ministry of Finance)
  • Reference no. 2900082443
  • SEB: EE891010220034796011
  • Swedbank: EE932200221023778606
  • Luminor Bank: EE701700017001577198
  • LHV Pank: EE777700771003813400
  • As the payment details, specify “Passi taotlemine” (Passport application) and the applicant’s name and DOB.

Send the application form and proof of payment of the state fee directly to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board:

Police and Border Guard Board

Pärnu mnt 139

Tallinn 15060


Make sure that Australia Post sends mail to Estonia, otherwise use DHL.

In addition to sending the application via post, forward your digital document photo to (on the subject line write the applicant’s full name and DOB). A digital document photo is:

  • colour
  • a minimum of 1300 x 1600 pixels
  • 1MB minimum and 5MB maximum
  • a JPEG
  • no older than six month

3. Applying at the Embassy

You should apply at the Embassy if:

  • you  have to renew your fingerprints
  • your child has reached the age of 12 and has to give his/her fingerprints
  • you wish to authorize someone else to collect your passport or ID card on your behalf. A written consent has to be submitted with the passport application and can only be done at the Embassy. Translation for the consent form

Please note:

  •  Book an appointment by calling +61 2 6100 7717 or via email
  • Fill out an application form in capital letters and in blue or black ink. The application must not have any corrections. Bring the form to the appointment
  • Send a digital document photo via email to On email subject line write the applicant’s name and DOB
  • Document photo cannot be taken at the Embassy

Photo requirements:

  • colour
  • a minimum of 1300 x 1600 pixels
  • 1MB minimum and 5MB maximum
  • a JPEG
  • no older than six month

The state fee can be payed at the appointment by card (the Embassy does not accept cash). State fees in AUD change every month due to the fluctuation in currency.


New rules concerning debtors and wanted persons residing abroad

As of 1.01.2021 Estonian passports and ID-cards will not be sent abroad for collection at Estonian Embassies or Honorary Consulates, if the owner of the passport or ID-card is owing alimony (child support) or is declared as a wanted person by Estonian authorities. The documents for such persons can be collected only at the Police and Border Guard Board service centres in Estonia, i.e the person needs to come to pick them up in Estonia.